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je taime en chocolat

As you may or may not know (but hopefully do), there is going to be a huge chocolate festival taking over Montreal's Marche Bonsecours in February.

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Okay, quick question: what food do you always turn to whenever you're feeling down? Or happy? Or in the mood for something sweet (but not to sweet), something creamy, and something awesome?

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Few foods are quite on the level of chocolate. A truly versatile sweet, the vast array of chocolate types and desserts are only outnumbered by the amount of people who simply love chocolate.

And given that you're reading this right now, I think I can safely assume you're a chocolate lover yourself. With that, I bring you amazing news:

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Photo cred - Je t’aime en chocolat

Dark, white, milk, salted, or with anything thrown in, no matter the variety, chocolate is always amazing. Capable of making you happy (actually) and decadently delicious, chocolate has reigned supreme as the world's favourite treat since the dawn of humanity, and has only gotten better. Montrealers know chocolate is the best, and so the city will be hosting its very own chocolate festival this weekend.

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