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jean beliveau

Photo cred - All Habs

With 105 years of history, the Montreal Canadiens lead the way as one of the classiest organizations in organized sports. Whether honoring the life of Habs Legend Jean Béliveau or organizing blood drives for the community, your Montreal Canadiens continue to prove that they are more than just hockey players, they are the heart of the city!

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Photo cred -

Here’s a rare photo of late hockey legend Jean Beliveau, greeting a young fan in front of Quebec city’s Chateau Frontenac in the 1950s.

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Photo cred - Parcolympiquemontreal

To pay homage to the legendary Jean Béliveau, who passed away at the age of 83 on Tuesday, Montreal's Olympic Stadium has adorned tower with the colour of the Canadiens. Red, white, and blue illuminated the Olympic tower last night, a monument to Béliveau's life and memory.

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Hockey is back, maybe not on the most positive note for Montreal fans but none the less we take a close look at some amazing pictures from back in "the glory days of The Habs" with Henri Richard, Jean Beliveau, Robert Rousseau, Claude Provost all present during the 1966 Stanley Cup Parade in Montreal.

Source - Archives de Montréal