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Photo Cred - Bianca Desjardins

It is the holidays! We truly wish you all had a great time with your beloved family, you received great gifts and hopefully a bit of money, but's time to spend it! Christmas times do not only mean family and hot chocolates, it also means partying with your friends because we know you get tired of that creepy uncle or that annoying aunt pretty quickly. This week once again, MTL Blog Events is proud to present the top 15 things to do in Montreal this weekend.

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Photo cred - Sylvain Granier

It feels like this may be the last weekend when you can go outdoors without a big coat, boots and gloves. That means it's your last chance to whip out those little black dresses or capri pants, and head out to your favourite bars. With celebrities lining Montreal left, right and centre - the parties are guaranteed to be a full blown affair this weekend. Don't wait till it's too late, grab your crew and make this weekend one for the books;

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Photo cred - Bianca DesJardins

The weather is on our side, Montreal, and what better way to celebrate than to attend the most riveting and wild events of the weekend. Let's ring in October with a weekend full of beer, food and great music. It's time to kick off Oktoberfest and welcome many artistic talents to our beautiful city! Take off those hats and scarves and let's make this weekend one to remember;

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