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jobs for anglos

These days, finding a job is hard enough. But if you're an anglophone living in a city where almost every job requires you to know French, it can me freakin' impossible. 

Even certain janitorial jobs that don't even require you to interact with other human being require you to know French. So what the solution?

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Working for an airline used to be one of the most coveted carreers you could get. Pilots were practically superheroes and flight attendants were the envy of the world. 

It may not as glamorous as it once was, but the fact remains that working for an airline can lead to a great career with amazing benefits. 

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When we started doing these Job posts we didn’t know if they would be helpful or not.

But after posting several of these jobs list we started getting feedback from you guys letting us know that you were actually getting hired through these posts.

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