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jobs that pay well

If you're on the hunt for a job and want to snag a position with the Government of Canada, then you're in luck!

Not only is the CBSA hiring for various roles, but the Canadian Security Intelligence Service is also recruiting for a bunch of positions across Canada right now. The best part of it all? So many of the roles offer over six-figure salaries.

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If you're on the hunt for a Government of Canada job that pays nearly a six-figure salary, then we've got you covered! The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) is looking to hire various positions across all of Canada, and you could earn up to $99,277.

With Canada's border measures having changed and travel picking up, the CBSA appears to be in need of some extra help.

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The job search isn't always easy, luckily the Government of Canada is hiring, and these seven jobs have annual salaries that exceed $100,000, so you could potentially be earning a six-figure salary.

The Government of Canada is looking to fill a number of positions all across the country including in Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver, to name a few.

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Summer jobs aren't hard to find, but good summer jobs that actually pay you a decent wage are pretty rare. 

That why we decided to peruse as many job databases as we could to find you the best summer jobs where you can actually make decent money.

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Whenever we post job listings for high paying jobs, the comment we see the most is about how those jobs require years of studying and advanced university degrees.

But you don't necessarily need a university diploma to make good money in this country, and having a diploma won't guarantee you'll have a good career.

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