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On Monday, the city of Montreal will be unveiling an all-new 3.8 km urban walkway that will link two of Montreal's natural icons, the St. Lawrence River and Mount Royal.

All along the walkway , pedestrians will be able to walk, gather and lounge while they discover the architectural, historic and artistic features that have shaped the city. The path will start at the Pointe-à-Callière Museum and go all the way to the foot of Mount-Royal.

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If you know me even a little bit, then you know that spring is my all-time favourite season (well, other than fall, which is also bae forever).

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Photo cred - Radio Canada

As a Montrealer I usually brag to others about how tough we are here and how the cold doesn't bother us. I laugh when I see our friends South of the border panicking when they get 10 centimeters of snow and the whole town shuts down. But according to Radio-Canada there's one man who puts the rest of us to shame. It seems that a jogger who lives near RDP has been jogging in the middle of the night, he does this because his particular style of jogging required a certain amount of privacy. He likes to jog naked. (Either that or he got drunk while watching the movie Old School )

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Photo cred - Nicolas Paquet

If you jog in Montreal, then you've no doubt hit the trails littered up, down, and all over Mount Royal. Magical to run through anytime of year (save winter) the mountain offers a fantastic view of foliage and nature as you work up a sweat. Montrealers aren't the only ones aware of the amazing jogging routes Mount Royal offers, as CNN cites the trails as the reason Montreal made their top ten world's best city jogging trails.

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Photo cred - Shawn Kristofor Bennett Photography

Summer has officially arrived and we think it's time that you experience a real Montreal summer. Often, a whole summer will go by and you will not have done half of the things that Montreal has to offer. We’re here to make sure that this doesn’t end up happening again. We’ve created a Summer Guide which will cover any and everything happening in or around the island this summer. You can use this guide to ensure that you get the most out of our vibrant, beautiful city.

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