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joseph gordon levitt

Photo cred - raquimonroe

Canada is a filmmaker’s secret weapon. Our vast green landscapes coupled with amazing cityscapes give any movie the perfect backdrop. Montreal is one of these cities that, while having such a strong identity, is able to adapt chameleon-style when shot on camera. Almost as if it were an actor itself. Here are some amazing films that were shot in our beautiful and beloved Montreal.

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This past Friday Montreal had their first spot of Joseph Gordon-Levitt on set of his new movie "The Walk" directed by Hollywood director Robert Zemeckis in the old port.

This week we seem to have gotten lucky once again because just yesterday afternoon Huffington Post caught another glimpse of him in Montreal's old port.

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Photo cred - Cedric Sequerra

Stop the presses!!!

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Montreal is a movie town. Tons of projects are filmed here, most of which we barely even notice.

To get you in the know for the upcoming year, here are 10 movies set to be filmed, or already are filming, in Montreal.

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The First trailer for SIN CITY: A DAME TO KILL FOR Starring Josh Brolin, Jessica Alba, Mikey Rourke, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Eva Green and just about every other notable actor under the sun has arrived in all its black and white and sometimes color glory.

Feist your eyes on this sexy first tease at what is sure to be a great freakin "sequel".

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