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juice bar

In Montreal's urban desert, an oasis of tranquillity is emerging this summer in the Village. Sabbya Medispa is a retreat that will cool your senses while heating up the local wellness scene.

Behind its gold doors, the prickly edges of city life melt into a medley of therapeutic treatments, cutting-edge medical enhancements, and a revitalizing water circuit — the only spa in the city to integrate all three features in one location.

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There's so much emphasis these days on living a healthy lifestyle. It's important to ensure that you get enough exercise, drink enough water, get at least 8 hours of sleep every night and eat a balanced diet! 

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Living in Montreal, it can feel like we are always super busy, especially as we head into summer. Juggling work, school, parties, picnics, friends and family can be tough, so it’s no wonder that we don't prioritize taking care of ourselves.

We race out of the house, skip breakfast or lunch, cram in as much as we can it one day. And by the end of a long day, all we really want to do is spend some quality time with Netflix.

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Photo cred - yelp

It used to be that if you drink pressed juices, you were either a health nut weirdo were a health nut weirdo. But at some point, people realized that juices were the cheater's way to get at least three servings of fruits and veggies conveniently delivered through as a drinkable liquid. Then, juice cleanses became a thing, juices got mainstream, and now there are more juice and smoothie bars then you can shake a straw at. *

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Photo cred - @juspur_

Some very juicy news dropped a few weeks ago on Eater Montreal which will make health nuts and vegans very pleased, not to mention all the nearby Mile End hipsters who are so over chew-able food. Get ready to get juiced at Outremont's soon-to-open juice bar Jus Pur...and that may be the record for the most amount of times you've ever read "juice" aloud in your head.

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