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juliette chocolat

Midterms, essays, assignments, and many more projects are taking over Montreal student's lives. So, instead of going to cafes, since they will all be invaded, I suggest checking out these cute restaurants! It's perfect for a solo or a group study session!

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I. Love. Fall. Cold weather’s coming, school’s starting (or work), I’m getting fat again and all my money is gone. Yay.

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I know I'm not alone when I say cheesecake is one of the best desserts you could ever have. It can be dense and creamy, or it can be light and fluffy and everything in between. They all start with a buttery graham cracker base and a cream cheese filling, but each bakery can make their own twist on it.

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I think we all have those days lazing about in the sunshine where you’d happily hand over your first-born in exchange for someone appearing with a cold and tasty ice cream just for you, right now, no questions asked.

Amazingly, that can be a reality this summer with the help of dessert connoisseurs Juliette & Chocolat, chocolate experts and proud founders of the first ever chocolate concept bar in Montreal. This summer they're treating the whole city by riding around the streets on Montreal on their secret summer ice cream bicycle and handing out sweet treats to lucky passers-by for FREE.

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