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Montreal's famous MURAL Festival is well underway across the city, and loads of popular art installations have been popping up left and right. MURAL organizers have unveiled a number of eyebrow-raising festival highlights, including a huge fresco painting by artist Saype on a grassy bit of land at the northeast corner of Mount Royal Park.

The "Beyond Walls" art piece depicts two interlocking human arms, which will only be visible at the park for a "few days." MURAL said Saype's work "stems from a desire to share a positive message of solidarity and collective effort around the world by symbolically creating the largest human chain ever realized."

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When it comes to wondrous art installations, Junko certainly knows what they are doing.

The Montreal artist has showcased their work across the 514 a few times, with Junko's last two art fixtures, Forest Spirit and Earth Dragon truly blowing Montrealers away.

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Montreal has got its very own Banksy on its hands! A local Montreal artist known as Junko has created a stellar art installation called "Earth Dragon" overlooking the city of Montreal — and the most fascinating part? It's made up of entirely repurposed materials.

On January 29, Junko introduced Earth Dragon, which stands tall atop a snowy Notre-Dame-de-Grâce hill just beside the McGill University Health Centre along Route 136.

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