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just eat

Poutine in this city is about a dime a dozen these days. Don't get me wrong, our world-famous comfort food is a beautiful thing, and by no means am I bashing it, just sometimes you want need a little more action on top of all that warm, gooey awesomeness.

The poutine has come a long way since its inception some 50 years ago, and while the core ingredients generally remain the same, there now exists a near infinite amount of variations to what has become one of the trendiest dishes on the planet.

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How many times have you had a serious munchie attack and decided to order food only to discover that your favourite restaurant only takes cash, or worse, doesn't even deliver? Take-out is supposed to be convenient after all. Ain't no one got time to keep track of phone numbers, difficult delivery zones, and a gazillion different paper menus!

Montrealers like to eat, whenever, wherever, and without any hassles. While pizza is always a delicious option, this city is full of restaurants you probably have never considered ordering from because you simply didn't think they delivered.

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Photo Cred - Wesley & Brandon Rosenblum

Only one thing can ever inhibit the consumption of Romados, and that is getting up, hauling ass over there, and waiting in what will probably be a long line to get some crack chicken. Lazy Romados ravers rejoice at this bit of not-so-new-news: Romados delivers.

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