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kevin ledo

There's no bat signal required to call these heroes to Montreal! Warner Bros. Games has revealed four massive murals across the city, featuring the characters you can play in its brand new Gotham Knights video game that launches this fall. The heroes from the DC Comics franchise include Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood, and Robin, whose large-scale likenesses were all interpreted by local street artists and produced by LNDMRK, the agency behind MURAL Festival.

"The release of Gotham Knights marks a major milestone for our studio, which we wanted to celebrate in a big way," said WB Games Montreal Studio Director Stéphane Roy.

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Photo cred - Andre Bathalon

Behind an abandoned building in downtown Montreal, right by Quartier des Spectacles, is the city's newest mural gallery. The street art spectacle is inaccessible to the public, and largely kept a secret known only by the artists, 'til now, thanks to Metro, who got a an inside look.

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Cover photo cred - Howie Dewitt

Montreal surprisingly has great presence here in Miami this year. Art Basel has spread across Miami, from the downtown area to the sunny beaches of South Beach, but Wynwood Miami is definitely the mega-center of this huge outdoor art festival. Literally every square inch is being painted or creatively covered.

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