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kevin o leary

It's official, Kevin O'Leary is dropping out of the Conservative leadership race.

And some Canadians appear to be devastated about this. As you can see from their tweets, Canada may never recover as a country. 

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We've done a couple of articles about Kevin O'Leary already, but those were mostly about what he's done in the past.

You already know he was on Dragon's Den, but how much do you know about his political views?

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When we first heard the news, we were excited, but we weren't sure it was actually going to happen.

But now it's official. Kevin O'Leary has announced that he will be running to be the new leader of the Conservative Party.

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Lately, it seems like the whole country has been wondering about whether or not Kevin O'Leary (Yes, the guy from Shark Tank) will be running to become the next Prime Minister of Canada.

Some news outlets were so desperate to announce it, that they even used the fact that Mr. O'Leary was taking about it with some unnamed wealthy Canadians in Florida as evidence that he has officially made up his mind.

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Every since Donald Trump got elected, Canadians have been comparing him to Justin Trudeau. The two politicians are practically polar opposites, so people are beginning to wonder if Justin Trudeau is the right man to lead Canada in these uncertain times.

One man who is considering throwing his hat in the ring for the next election on October 21, 2019, is none other than Mr. Kevin O'Leary, AKA Mr. Wonderful.

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