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The only city in Canada better than Montreal for students is apparently Kingston, Ontario, according to a ranking by HelloSafe, an insurance and personal finance comparison platform with strong opinions about student well-being and fun-having.

HelloSafe used 18 criteria to determine the best cities for students, creating national and provincial rankings based on excellence, student life, quality of life and attractiveness. No, not the attractiveness of the residents, you weirdo.

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Did you know that the city with more restaurants per capita than almost any other place in Canada is just a three-hour drive from Montreal? Yup, Kingston, Ontario, has plenty of opportunities to seriously amp up the flavour and the romance this season.

Locals know the vibrant food scene here is the quaint city’s crown jewel. And the super walkable, historic downtown core makes building a dinner-date itinerary effortless.

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Pumkinferno at Upper Canada Village is back. This year, visitors will make their way through mesmerizing displays consisting of 7,000 hand-carved jack-o'-lanterns arranged in monumental forms and themed exhibits within the 19th-century site.

New this fall are Roaring 20s and Area 51-themed displays. Parks of the Saint Lawrence, which manages Upper Canada Village, also promises the return of the Enchanted Forest, Mesozoic Monsters and Clown Town exhibits.

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It's that time of year again: That time when all you want to do is get outside and see as many beautiful, fall leaves as possible. But when you feel like you want to kick back and relax, while still taking in the view, there's no better thing to do than go on the Kingston 1,000 Islands Cruise.

Located just three hours from Montreal, Kingston is a great town to visit.

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Guys, true talk, when was the last time you were absolutely blown away by a winter event? 

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Cover photo cred - Pavel Muller

There's nothing like getting into a car stuffed with snacks, good friends, great mixtapes (yes, you should still be making mixtapes because they're awesome), a map or two and hitting the open road. A good road trip to a festival is always fun, but what if you just want to see some sights or check out a new city?

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