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kirill was here

Every now and a again a pro nightlife photographer like himself Kirill Bichutsky of Kirill Was Here, needs a night out to party harder then usual and not focus on any aspect of "working". Well recently Kirill got a friend of his film and edit one of his drunk as funk nights. Here is the chaotic, sweaty mayhem for you to watch.

Infamous nightlife photographer Kirill Was Here has been somewhat of a constant source of lude crude attitude raw nude content for several years now. We have followed his work and partying quite a bit but who is he? What makes him tick well  just dropped a serious good piece on him. Read a tidbit below and follow the jump to really get the lowdown.

The real good stuff is HERE.

Night life photographer Kirill Was Here just tweeted that Daft Punk has just surprised the music goers in the Sahara Tent at Coachella, Holy shit why are we not there right now... This is probably the coolest news so far this year.

New York City based nightlife photographer Kirill Was Here (Kirill Bichutsky) is coming to Montreal this weekend with Generation Wild Tour at  New City Gas, here is a look at his life and work. Enjoy!!!