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I think it's very safe to say that we've glided right over winter this year, and landed squarely into spring.

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Although I'm not from the West Island, I do have a lot of family and friends who live there - meaning I've spent a good chunk of my childhood (and adulthood) roaming the streets of Kirkland, DDO and Pointe-Claire, and loafing at Fairview Shopping Centre. Oh, and discovering awesome places to eat, of course.

One thing I've realized through my many days in the West Island? West Islanders are seriously lucky. You guys have got tons - and I mean tons - of awesome restaurants, right in your backyard. But what about those of us who are new to the West Island, or who might not know about some of the best spots? Well, don't worry, friends. I've got your back. Read on for Best Restaurants In Montreal’s West Island 2016.

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Well, friends, October is almost over - which means brace yourselves, November is coming. November gives a lot of people mixed feelings. On the one hand, it's starting to get cold and snowy and icy. On the other, Christmas is coming. But no matter where you stand on the November love/hate spectrum, I think we can all agree on one thing: free things to do are awesome. And November is full of them.

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Photo cred - Simon Petry 

People are often quick to dismiss the West Island but let's face it, life’s good out there. Really good. One might even say they’ve got it better than the rest of the city... Ok fine, I'm saying it. And although that may sound crazy to some of you, here are 10 reasons why living in Montreal's West Island is the best.

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Photo cred - Steve Brandon

Stop me if you heard this already. You're in a social situation, could be a party, could be just a casual meeting with some friends of friends. People start chatting. Someone turns to you.

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