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la croissanterie figaro

Unfortunately, it's that time of the year when the holidays have past and we are all totally over winter in Montreal. It's cold outside, hot on the metro, and just wet everywhere! But, I have a secret recipe that will help us all get over winter just a little quicker... And the secret is checking out cute and cozy cafes in Montreal!

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We all know that Montreal has hundreds of cafes and it's pretty hard to choose one especially if it's for a date. Well, not to worry because the list below composes of Montreal's most charming cafes! These cafes are cute, romantic, and intimate enough for you to really get to know your date.

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As yes, the time has come where herds of students join at cafes to study for the next big exam coming up. Well, instead of all invading the closest Starbucks, I suggest checking out these insanely cute cafes located all across Montreal! Not only are these cafes absolutely adorable, but they are perfect for that study grind.

So, get that coffee money ready because you will become addicted to these honestly amazing Montreal cafes! Maybe you'll actually enjoy studying... or maybe these cafes will just make it more bearable. Either way, you will be getting 100% on all those exams!

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Oh, delicious cheesecake. So rich in taste and fluffy in texture. Sweet dreams are made of these. For many it is the go to dessert. For good. For bad. For ugly. It is the ultimate comfort dessert. Good on any occasion, for any season, for any time really. Whatever the reason, like usual, Montreal is there to serve you up a tasty slice (or two) of this delectable treat. Here’s a sweet list of ten places to check around the city. Ready, set, fork!

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