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la queue de poisson

Ah, spring. Is there a season more beautiful? Everything's defrosting and coming back to life; it's truly a magical time. And what screams "spring" and "magic" in Montreal? That's right, friends. Maple syrup.

For the sixth year in a row, La Cabane Panache et Bois rond will be taking over the Promenade Wellington, starting on March 18 and ending on March 20, 2016. For those of you who know a little about this event, you already know what you're in for (A good time). For those of you a little new to things, don't worry. This event is super fun and celebrates all things maple syrup, with a a traditional tire d'érable, contests, games, music, and food (And much more, of course).

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Alright, guys, who here loves comfort food? Well, everyone, obviously. And is there any greater comfort food than fish and chips, in all its crisp, flaky, fried goodness? No. No there is not.

If you think about it, fish and chips is actually the perfect meal - and the best part is that it's great, whenever you're down to eat it. Seriously. Exhausted after a long day of a exploring the city? No problem, get some fish and chips. Feel like celebrating a milestone? Great. Break out the vinegar and go beast. You get the picture; and luckily for us, Montreal has tons of places to enjoy this awesome dish. Don't believe me? Well, friends, prepare to believe. Best Montreal Fish And Chips Restaurants 2016.

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Photo cred - Matias Garabedian

Verdun is often considered the ugly, dysfunctional sibling to Nun’s island. It was the one with the drug problem, that everyone said was dangerous, and caused immediate disapproval from your friends when you told them that you were moving “lower on the Green line”. (full disclosure: I’ve been a Verdunite for 4 years). Whatever the reason for its bad rep., it has recently begun to attract a lot of attention. In fact, it’s quickly becoming better than your neighborhood.

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When you think fish and chips, you undoubtedly think of the United Kingdom, even if you've never been there. Luckily, we live in a town that loves to eat, so we don't have to cross an ocean in order to get a taste of this delicious English dish. We've even become home to several fish and chip-dedicated shops, or "chippy" if you want to get fancy with the British slang. In no particular order, but with details that will make your mouth salivate and will fill your dreams with battered fishy goodness, here are Montreal's best spots for fish and chips.

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