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language laws in quebec

Montreal is an amazing looking city (as long as you're not looking at the construction). But there's just something magical about Montreal in the 1960's.

The classic cars, the vintage neon signs, and of course, the fashion!

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An activist from Westmount named Murray Levine wants the OQLF to pay for their mistake and is seeking $75,000 in compensation for the city according to the Suburban.

20 years ago, the OQLF ordered Westmount to install French-only parking signs. A project nobody asked for, which ended up costing $30,000.

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A few weeks ago we were celebrating because Quebec seemed to finally be giving up on the harsh language laws. But sadly our happiness was all for naught because the Quebec government has since decided to get rid of all the loopholes and grey areas in the law.

Back when the Couillard government wanted to force English multinationals to add French descriptions to their signage, the Quebec court pointed out that they actually couldn't enforce this due to a court ruling that concluded the OQLF was misinterpreting the laws.

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Here's an interesting bit of news that doesn't happen too often in Quebec.

It seems like the OQLF has been misinterpreting the language laws and enforcing rules that didn't actually exist.

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