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lantern fest

There are only a few weeks left before Montreal's Jardin des Lumieres "lantern festival" at the Botanical Gardens comes to and end. 

And if you still haven't been or if you're looking for an excuse to go back, we know the perfect night for you to go.

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Every year the countdown to Halloween starts a little earlier, and this year is no different. 

In fact, Montreal is already hosting a crazy Halloween event where you'll be chased, kidnapped, and scared stupid this weekend, and it's not even October yet. 

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It's official, the Garden of Lights is open to the public and the timing could not be better!

The next two weeks are going to be beautiful in Montreal and there's barely any rain in the forecast. So it's the perfect time time to spend an evening outside surrounded by magical glowing lantern sculptures.

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One of Montreal's most popular and most photographed tourist attractions is coming back again this summer. 

The world famous Garden of Lights!

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