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lasalle rapids

Montreal is home to some amazing parks. Since this city is so large and urban, it's nice to find a small oasis to escape the noisy, city streets once and a while. Lucky enough, we have so many gorgeous nature parks to do just that! They have amazing fountains, tall trees, small lakes and more!

If you've been planning a romantic picnic in the park for your girlfriend, choose one of these amazing parks right here in Montreal. You'll be guaranteed to impress her!

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Running is my favourite form of exercise. You can make your own playlist, run at your own pace, and go for as long as want. You're in control of your workout. So if you're having a not so great running day, just make it a short run and take your time or if you get out there and you're absolutely killing it, run twice as much as you usually would and bump up the pace!

What makes running, for me, not as horrible as other workouts is also the routes that you can choose. During the summer months Montreal really comes alive with nature, people and scenery which makes it the perfect place for running.

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Everyone wants that beautiful tan in the summer time but realistically not everyone has a pool or backyard to tan in. I have a simple solution! Why not check out some of Montreal's public yet secluded locations to tan.  Montreal is home to some great locations that receive the best sun for those who love to tan naturally.

Montreal has great summer weather and everyone here aims to get that bronze skin. So I suggest taking out that swim suit, towel, and lemonade to one of Montreal's perfect tanning locations. You and your friends will have a great time without feeling completely stared at.

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Montreal is a great place to watch the sun set! And I'm sure that you and your friends all have one special place that you like to go to in the summer to watch it. But, sometimes we want to see another side of Montreal at a different location.

We all know how romantic sunsets can be and sometimes we want to make them a little more extravagant for that special someone. So, I have compiled a list of 16 great places to watch the sun set in Montreal for that perfect summer date.

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