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The deadline for tax season in Canada was April 30 — if you missed it, don't panic. We asked H&R Block senior tax expert Josée Cabral what to do if you missed the deadline for filing your income tax to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) or Revenu Québec

For starters, know that grace periods for taxes in Quebec and Canada exist. However, your benefits and credits could be delayed if you missed the tax deadline. This includes COVID-19 relief measures, such as the CRB.

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Montreal's Museums sure do host some pretty cool themed events, but none of them compare to Montreal Musée d'art Contemporain that transforms into an "overnight bar"! There are DJs, drinks, food, and of course fabulous art!

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Anyone who grew up in Montreal knows that it is truly a one of a kind city. There may be some struggles we all face, but all those negatives don’t trump over the positives. However, it is pretty funny to laugh at all the Montreal problems we experience especially the #stmproblems. So, I have compiled this article to share with you all the #stmproblems we all know too well!

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If your daily commute includes a bus ride then chances are you've been late a few times this past month. Mostly it's just a few minutes here or there, and other times the bus just doesn't show up all together.

Well the reason is simple, there just aren't enough buses on the road as there needs to be. 

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Osheaga is a pretty big deal here and people buy their bracelets months in advance to make sure they don't miss out. The only problem is that most people still haven't received them and with only three days left before the start of the music fest, it's understandable that they are starting to freak the fuck out.

People on Twitter were going crazy last night trying to figure out if they were the only ones that still hadn't received their bracelets. Osheaga  claims there was a delay in production and the bracelets weren't ready on time, they are normally mailed a month in advance, but not this time.

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Photo cred - TheWolfOfWallStreet

When we imagine smart people, we tend to picture an innocent looking person with thick glasses who never goes out and spends all their time studying. But research has shown that our image of smart people and their habits is pretty distorted.

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