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late night eats

When the nightlife winds down and hunger hits, Montreal doesn't disappoint. Beyond the regular midnight-closing joints, this city thrives with spots serving up tastes until the early morning, and some even round the clock.

We’re talking about just as many cheesy and greasy diners as there are refined spots to enjoy your meal with a glass of wine. Pizza and paninis, Japanese ramen, shawarma, fancy hot dogs, you name it — there’s a surprisingly large number of great things to pick from late at night in Montreal, but these are the best of them.

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It’s 3 A.M in Montreal. The lights have come on at the club and let’s face it, if you haven’t quite sealed the deal with your beloved flavour of the night, the only thing you’re really looking forward to taking home is some good quality grub. Although the italian poutine at Bell Pro’s may have been your go-to forever, you’re yearning for something more. So whether you’re in good company or flying solo, here are the top 10 places in MTL to score some quality drunk food after closing time this weekend. Go on, you deserve it...

Photo cred - Lindsay Ballen

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Forget coloured leaves and pumpkin pie, pizza is the new star of the season. Fall will now be known as Pizza Season, a city-wide event in Montreal celebrating the food staple. Directly following Little Italy's second annual Pizza Week, Pizza Season will begin on October 12th and run until November 23rd. That's six weeks of guilt free pizza eating, so get hungry Montreal.

A defining feature of Pizza Season is how much of a role you, the pizza eater and lover, will play. Pizza Season is a celebration of pizza, to let Montreal at-large know exactly where you think serves up the best slices. Using social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), or coupons in the restos, you will get to promote your favourite Montreal pizza. A winner for most popular pizza, not necessarily the best, will be awarded at end of Pizza Season, with an epic pizza party thrown for the winning pizza pie-makers.

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After committing some serious liver suicide, nothing feels better than some good old greasy food. Going to bed on a stomach filled with tequila, vodka, beer, and anything else you may down is never a good idea. Settling your stomach with some carbs will definitely ease the pain, and might even prevent an awful hangover the next morning. Montreal is home to some of the best late night snack joints. Whether it be a massive poutine or a cheesy pizza, the city surely knows how to accommodate those late night drunchie cravings.

Click here for the best Montreal drunk food spots >

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When its past midnight and you can't seem to get up off of your couch, the options to satiate your burning hunger can be kinda limited. Whether your still a wreck from the night before, you're too engrossed with season three of Game of Thrones, or just too couch locked to even contemplate getting up, the issue remains the same: where to get delicious eats late at night? Your prayers have been answered my hungry brethren. MTL Blog's 'Midnight Munchies' caters to the late night lazy eater who just wants a good meal with none of the hassle.

A staple in late night eating in Montreal is Boustan, the infamous Lebanese eatery. Few can say they have not been pulled into Boustan after passing by the shop on Maissoneuve and Crescent. The aromas of meats and fried veggies are too much for any slightly inebriated individual. To all those (like myself) who lack the initiative to actually move to attain some shawarma, never fear, Boustan delivers until 4am every night. You can even order it online if you're feeling that level of lazy. That's right. Go ahead and take a couple puffs (of a cigarette, of course) and sit back because this is one munch-out that literally comes to your front door.

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