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le bleury bar a vinyl

Photo Cred - Adrian Villagomez

For most of you, school is on it's way and it is one of your last weekend to party intensively. Our journalist at MTL Blog Events compiled the best things to do in Montreal this weekend for your enjoyment and assured hangovers. From Thursday to Sunday, we give you the opportunity to have something nice to do every evening, every night. Check it out below!

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Photo Cred - Benoit Vermette

MTL Blog Events has a great program for you this weekend Montreal. We are getting closer to Christmas which means partying, gifts...and more partying! From now on, every week we'll make sure to give you a top-notch selection of party possibilities. This means, every night, you can come back to this article to know what's popping in Montreal and where to get completely trashed in a great environment. Montreal, here you go: your 20 not-to-be-missed events this weekend.

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Photo Cred - Sylvain Granier

Alright Montreal, we have a beach, the just for laughs are on right now and a bunch of cool parties all around the city. You don't want to stay home and do nothing and we gathered up all the cool parties and events to go to this week-end. Come out and party with us. Here is where to go;

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