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le club chasse et peche

It might sound a little too early to start planning the PERFECT Valentine's Day Date but let's be honest, IT'S NEVER TOO EARLY! In fact, if you are planning to make restaurant reservations then you better start booking. To help you guys out, I have composed a list of all the places she REALLY wants you to take her to for Valentine's Day.

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Once you think that you have found "the one", you will probably want to treat them to a charming dinner. You may be wonder which to choose since Montreal is FULL of fabulous restaurants. Well, not to worry because I have created a list of Montreal's best restaurants to really impress that special someone of yours.

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It's always a struggle when you want to impress your date! But an easy way out is to simply take them on a really expensive dinner! Well, luckily for you Montreal if home to superb fancy AF restaurants that are perfect for when you rally want to impress your date.

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Ah yes, anniversaries are always around the corner on the special day of every month. Since anniversaries occur so often, you sometimes run out of ideas and places to go. Well, don't dress! The list below composes of 20 restaurants you can go to based on your desires and the likes of that special someone of yours.

A majority of these Montreal restaurants are great for big year anniversaries but others are also good for the little ones. They all serve amazing food in a beautiful environment. I strongly recommend checking some of these out with that special someone of yours because I can guarantee that you guys will have a blast on your anniversary.

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Nothing says luxury food quite like foie gras. This French delicacy actually got its start in Egypt many, many centuries ago but soon made it's way over to Europe and became the dish that we know today. It's made from the liver of an intentionally fattened goose or duck and is usually served in mousse, parfait or pâté form.

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