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le metropolis de montreal

Photo Cred - Benoit Vermette

Montreal is well-known to be a music platform in North America. MTL Blog Events compiled the best 30 shows in February 2015 around the city! Promoters, venues and entertainment companies such as Evenko prepared amazing performances for the public in the next 28 days. From Le Belmont, New City Gas, Apt.200, SAT and Bell Center, the city has much to offer.

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Bassnectar, who will be at Le Metropolis on October 12th, just got out his new "Immersive Mixtape Side Two". It contains mostly tracks he produced and remixes he did, which will for sure make your head bounce.

You can start listening here:

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Misteur Valaire are back on the Metropolis stage September 13th to present us their brand new album 'Bellevue'. The electro-jazz-hip-hop-rock band will make you dance and put you in a wonderful mood.

Get a listen of their newest album to put you in the mood right here.

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Probably no one could understand how I shat my waist-highs when I got the chance to see these bad girls in concert in the flesh in the fashion and the lights like oh my goodness. Mkay.

The thing was, even though I was all hooked up with my guest list ticket like the freshest g, I had let Friday night just sneak up on me out of nowhere and the only friend who said she’d make the show with me (a fellow hardcore Diamond) was bailing by mid-afternoon. Her family made her attend the ceremony of her father receiving a Greek Award. Go on then, claps for my buddy’s dad.

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