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le piment rouge

Friends, it's time for a little nostalgia. Who here remembers those commercials for Le Piment Rouge airing when they were younger, circa the early 2000s? I do. I also remember how yummy the restaurant was, serving up delicious gourmet Chinese food in an upscale setting until its untimely closure. I was super sad when it closed; this place was literally my favourite Szechuan restaurant, and I went there super often.

So imagine how thrilled I was to learn about Piment 2 (201 Rue Saint-Jacques). I like to think of Piment 2 as the brother of Le Piment Rouge: and, on its Facebook page, the restaurant does describe itself as inheriting the "legacy of Le Piment Rouge." Which is some pretty awesome news for fans of the now defunct original restaurant (like me!), and even better news for those of us who didn't have the chance to taste the epic food that was served up at Le Piment Rouge.

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There's no denying that the restaurant business is tough, especially in Montreal. We all know it - and yet every time our favourite restaurants close, we still get our hearts broken. Whenever that closure sign goes up, a piece of our soul goes with it. Don't say I'm being overly dramatic, friend. There's no such thing when it comes to food. Although there are many amazing restaurants that have sadly left us, a couple stick out in particular. Get your reminiscing hats on, and read on for 25 Montreal Restaurants That Are Gone But Not Forgotten.

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