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le saint bock

Work can be stressful and sometimes all you want is to enjoy a cold glass of beer, or a stylish and refreshing cocktail, and forget all of the frustrations of the day. But nothing can ruin a relaxing post-work 5-à-7 like a crowded bar or fighting tooth and nail for a table. Instead of trying to get a seat at a dingy pub, or spending more than you want at an overpriced lounge, you may want to take your colleagues out for a drink to one of these incredible bars.

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Beer is a drink that’s as versatile as it is enjoyable. Whether you’re looking to get drunk, enjoy some alcohol with dinner, or just relax a little, it’s easy enough to make beer suit your needs. Even better, Montreal is filled with places that have amazing beer selections, making sure that you’ll be able to drink in style. It took a lot of self control (none), but we forced ourselves to go around the city drinking beer, and, after much debate, we settled on our favourite places. Here are Montreal’s best bars for beer.

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Tomorrow marks quite the milestone for the nightlife/bar scene in Montreal, as Thursday, June 12th will be the official start date of the city's extended last call pilot project, with bars staying open 'til 6am.

Every weekend (Thurs-Saturday) starting tomorrow until July 5th, specific bars will be allowed to serve alcohol all the way until 5:30am, and close at 6am.

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Whether you're a tourist visiting Montreal for the first time or simply looking for a killer night out, pub crawls are a great way to see the city and have a crazy drunken time all at once. Some people prefer clubbing, others like to drink in their buddy's basement, but the pub crawl is an all-encompassing experience, perfect for any occasion. With so many bars scattered across the island of Montreal, plotting out five pub crawl routes was fantastically simple. You're probably unknowingly embarked on some of these before, but now you have the maps to guide you through the night, given the memory lapses that sometimes occur on a pub crawl. So round up your crew, hit the trails, and remember to pace yourself and be responsible, for there's no bigger buzzkill than a fallen homie.

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