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le tequila bar

Tequila is honestly life in a bottle. Tequila is just there for you whenever you need it. Having a bad day? Drink some tequila! Having a good day? Drink some tequila! It's your birthday? Drink some tequila!

Like I said, you really can't go wrong with tequila. And there's no better alcohol out there to accompany a birthday, a random week day night out, a bachelorette party or any celebration for that matter.

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Alright, real talk, burritos are amazing. Seriously: fresh and tasty ingredients packed tight in a soft, chewy flour tortilla? Um, yeah, I'm totally there for that. Plus, they're probably the perfect on-the-go food: They fit easily in your hand(s), so you can take your burrito with you pretty much anywhere in Montreal.

For those of you just as enthusiastic about burritos as I am, I've got some good news. Montreal is full of awesome places to get burritos; but if you're not too sure where to nosh on your next flavour envelope, don't worry. I've got you. Read on for Best Montreal Restaurants That Serve Burritos 2016.

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Saint-Laurent is a pretty cool place. It has it's own unique vibe mainly because of the fact that it serves as a sort of ghetto for new immigrants. People from all over the world who come to Montreal end up either in V.S.L. or Montreal North. With this interesting mix of cultures and lifestyles, it's no wonder this borough is full of awesome features anyone can appreciate.

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Photo cred - KChevardova

Tequila is coming to St. Henri in copious quantities, which may not be too good for your liver or never-ending hangover, but thankfully a lot of great food will be brought along, so your stomach will at least be happy. Opening next month will be Le Tequila Bar, the newest addition to the Notre-Dame bar scene.

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Photo Cred - addaspoonfulofsugar

In Montreal there’s no shortage of everyone’s favourite traditional Mexican dish, that is, if you know where to look. Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a list of the 9 best tacos in all of Montreal. Whether you like your tacos hard, soft, spicy, or mild, you’ll be sure to find something to make your tastebuds go wild.

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