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Gin & tonic is an extremely popular mix. Montreal is lucky to have so many great places to get the perfect gin & tonic drink.

From Le Pourvoyeur to Big In Japan Bar, discover with me your new places to grab a drink with your friends or loved ones !

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Photo Credit - BarleyHouse

So, it's Christmas time and you finally got a few days of work but so did everyone else in town! Everything is pretty much closed. Everyone is spending time with their families which is fantastic but, let's be real, that doesn't last all night and you probably need a drink after that. You could also not celebrate Christmas for whatever reason. Luckily a few Montreal bars remain open in order to celebrate Jesus' birthday the right way. Here's a rundown of a few spots open today and tomorrow!

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With all of the DJs killing it seven nights a week in Montreal’s clubs, it can be easy to forget about Montreal’s comedy scene. But if you look around a bit, you can see the hilarious performers who keep it thriving without paying too much.

JFL just dropped their headliners, but some local talent will satiate your comedy needs 'til the festival starts.

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