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After an endless pandemic, Festival Fierté Montréal will finally be back in full swing from August 1 to 7, with its activist spirit stronger than ever. The Pride parade and other events are returning, and organizers have also issued a precise set of demands centred around equality for all.

During a press conference on July 26, festival officials listed ten specific goals for 2022, including "adequate funding and spaces" for 2SLGBTQIA+ communities institutions, "the public recognition of systemic racism" and a dedication to the fight against discrimination.

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Twenty-five-year-old Quinn, a Team Canada soccer player at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics , is making history as the first openly transgender Olympian to compete in the modern Games' 125-year history .

Quinn, who uses they/them pronouns and goes by a single name, reflected on their historic presence at the Tokyo Summer Games in an Instagram post on July 22, after a match on July 21 against Japan ended in a 1-1 draw.

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Montreal has all kinds of different bars, but these changemakers say many of them fall short in making space for LGBTQIA2+ women. For this reason, Avery Burrow, event organizer, and Resto Keela teamed up to create 5 à 7s for LGBTQIA2+ women that take place twice a month.

The events were created for members of the LGBTQ2S+ community to connect. According to Burrow, "queer women can actually have a reoccurring space where they can meet each other, flirt, make friends, and feel safe," at these new 5 à 7s.

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