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life expectancy in canada

COVID-19 has not only contributed to Canada's historic rise in inflation, but it has also played a major role in the decline of the nation's life expectancy. Life expectancy in Canada dropped by over seven months in 2020 — the biggest decline in the nearly 100 years since it started being recorded — with COVID-19 a significant factor, according to Statistics Canada.

The report stated that 307,205 deaths occurred in 2020, the year the pandemic began – an increase of 7.7% over 2019. This led the national life expectancy to drop from 82.3 years in 2019 to 81.7 in 2020. That's the largest annual drop since 1921, the year the statistic was first recorded in Canada.

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With so many celebrities dying recently, people are seriously starting to freak out.

But you have to understand people aren't freaking out because the celebrities are dying, they're just freaking out about death in General.

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In Quebec and particularly in Montreal we are known for having "Joie de Vivre". Our food is decadent, our alcohol is abundant and our smoking habits are slightly more liberal than the rest of the country.

This made me wonder if Quebecers were doomed to die sooner than the rest of Canada so I decided to check some stats.

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