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lili oli

As we officially welcome winter , you might be looking for a quaint and cute café to warm up in, get some work done or catch up with friends. So, this got us thinking...

We asked you all on Instagram for your favourite Montreal cafés and we received loads of responses with nearly 30 recommendations. Here are the 11 cafés in Montreal that received the most submissions:

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Cafe's are kind of my jam right now. I've found my passion in life and it's exploring the cutest cafes Montreal has to offer. I honestly drag my friends around with me and we explore Montreal's newest and coolest cafes. Once we're there we judge the quality of coffee, the atmosphere of the cafe, and the location.

It sounds like I'm being picky about my cafe's but it's really just a fun adventure and a cool way to explore the city we live in while enjoying the best lattes in the Montreal! Summer is the perfect time to plan these adventures because most of the Montreal cafes have their cute terrasses open.

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Going for coffee is essentially a staple of burgeoning adulthood, and also a favourite activity for close friends who are looking to catch up, hang out, and just enjoy one another's company.

For this week's coffee date, why not break up the mundane a little? Instead of hitting up the nearby chain coffee company around the corner, make a little extra effort to scope out local gems. They often provide way better atmosphere, unique drinks, and best of all, comfy, cozy ambiance that will create the perfect setting for your hours-long life chats.

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Alright, guys, the heat has finally landed. Summer's definitely starting, and with it comes good vibes, fun activities, and some hot, lazy days.

What does all of this spell out? I'm glad you asked. As we all know, Montreal is an amazing city to be in if you adore coffee - and although there's nothing like grabbing a latte, there's just something extra special about an iced latte. Or a cold brew. Or an iced coffee. Or any caffeinated beverage, as long as it's served up cold AF.

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Photo cred - Traciw

Soy milk is for basic betches (not a typo) . There, I said it. As much as I love a big bowl of vanilla soy milk with my cereal, when it comes to coffee, the mighty almond beats the plain old soy bean every time. Lighter, frothier when steamed, and lacking any weird aftertaste, almond milk is the perfect latte-liquid, better even, perhaps, to cow's milk.

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Young or old, few can resist the allure of a well crafted cheese-based dish. Cheese, whether it be featured in its grilled, macaroni, or Philly steak format, is sure to please young and old alike. The newly launched 'Le Cheese' food truck is well aware of the large amount of fromage-ophiles inhabiting Montreal, and seeks to cater to their cheesy needs.

'Le Cheese,' hosted its official launch party on Friday at the quaint, but very comfortable, Lili and Oli in St. Henri. Thankfully, MTL Blog was around to preview all of the cheesy goodness and give you a preview of whats in store for your taste buds.

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