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Montreal has one of the largest Portuguese communities in Canada and many Montrealers are familiar with our amazing cuisine, but many need some help knowing where to go to get the best possible Portuguese cuisine experience. I gathered a nice little list of some of the best Portuguese restaurants in the city, from fast food style restaurants to fancy restaurants– there's Portuguese food for all occasions!

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In the summer of 2015 I had the opportunity to take a trip to my mother's native country and it changed my life. I am half Portuguese, I grew up attending Portuguese school every Saturday, my Sundays consisted of going to Santa Cruz church in the plateau and I have been addicted to 'pasteis de nata' ever since I could remember. I have always felt very Portuguese even though I had never actually had the opportunity to go to the place I always wished to call my home. I expected to see beautiful architecture and beaches, I expected the good food and friendly people, but I did not expect for it to change my life the way it did, and this is why...

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Europe is like the holy grail of backpacking destinations. It's almost a rite of passage once you finish school, to pack your bags and head off to Europe with a best friend or significant lover to have the time of your life.

It's yourchance to see the world and some of the most amazing architecture, partying and food you'll ever find. Since Europe is such a small continent all those magical countries are packed in together making it so easy to hop from one to another by train or bus!

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Cover photo cred - Karel Chladek

It's the weekend before Christmas, and you gotta make it count, because you know Santa bases his naught/nice list based on how good you've been at partying.

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