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los angeles

LA based comedian Aristotle Georgeson recorded himself scaring his girlfriend 22 different times over the span of a couple weeks then assembled the results into a very enjoyable and hilarious compilation.

He scares her in the bathroom. He scares her in the car. He scares her in bed. Absolutely nowhere is safe.

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TMZ is reporting that everyones favorite 1990's uncle, James "Uncle Phil" Avery of the popular sitcom "Fresh Prince Of Bel Air" passed away over night in an L.A. hospital.

He recently recently underwent surgery for an undisclosed illness and unfortunately the outlook did not seem good and he died shortly after.

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LA based photographer Jo Regan, took on one heck of a great photo project in which she chose dogs as her subject and placing them in the all to familiar situation of them sticking their heads out car windows.

An all too common occurrence that we see almost daily but would you ever think to take a whole series of photos about it?

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Some people were literally born to dance and this 10 year old girl from Los Angeles, California is proof. Dancing to Nobody's Perfect by J Cole Ft Missy at the Edge Performing Arts Center we have just been leveled by her pure talent.

Take a look and be taken a back buy such a genuine and astonishing performance but this child dance prodigy.

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Well we guess that until the novelty wears off this is the kind of thing we will see from Miley Cyrus time and time again. Last night she performed at the annual Christmas themed 2013 Jingle Ball concert in Los Angeles. Check out the pictures below to see what it was all about until a video surfaces.