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Desserts... EVERYBODY loves a good classic Montreal dessert! Especially when it involves chocolate, poutines, cheesecake, and ice cream. So, if you happen to love sweet or savory treats, there is 514% something on this list for you!

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The world of dating has completely lost its mind over the last few years. There are sites made exclusively for ugly people, sites for people who loves horses, sites for crazy cat lovers, sites for people who like to dress up like clowns, sites for people who have similar food allergies and even sites for people who think they're vampires.

It seems all you need to have a connection with someone is some common ground. It doesn't seem to matter how insignificant or weird that common ground is. That's why we weren't at all surprised to find dating app that matches people who love bacon.

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Worms having sex or a vaginas with teeth? Neither! The next time you're about to lock lips with someone, try and imagine what's really going on inside your mouth.

Recently, Reddit user MrRobotoAGato posted a video of the most slimy, raw and real smooch from inside a man's mouth. No one really knows where this dude got such a video, or whose un-brushed mouth it was taken in, all we know is that it's nasty!

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People now a days can barely remain married/boyfriend girlfriend for 61 weeks let alone 61 years. So when grandaughter Lauren Wells decided to organize a very special 61st anniversary present for her grandparents using the skills of photographer Cambria Grace to recreate scenes from the Pixar movie "UP" they couldn't help but say yes to the idea.

Take a look below for more pictures from the amazingly loving photoshoot.

Katy Strange, photographer extraordinaire shooting out of the Netherlands took it upon herself to put together a really fun photo essay called "Series 789". Ya you guessed it, for 789 days she documented each and every person she invited into her bed. Let's not get crazy of course most of this was staged in the name of art but at the same time how many were real lovers? Take a look for yourself and you be the judge.

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