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With school already moving pretty quickly, I'm sure you are pretty stressed, I know I am! So, instead of freaking the f out, why don't you and that special someone in your life who is probably equally as stressed take a little time out of your busy schedules and have a luxurious fun and relaxing day!

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Some people just know how to live better than the rest of us. Of course, having a spare $12,000,000 to spend on your house definitely makes things easier, especially when trying to afford nice things, like this insanely huge Ile-des-Soeurs mansion listed on Sotheby's Realty, for example.

It's so big, it actually occupies 2 property lots. The expansive property includes 20-foot ceilings, stone fireplaces, 7 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, a professional kitchen, an indoor pool, a sauna, a fucking elevator, private gym, pool room, an outdoor spa, and for some reason a Barbie-style office featuring a massive doll collection, (though I suspect they are probably not included).

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Happy Friday Montreal! (unless you're reading this on a Monday) I know exactly how you feel, it's the end of the week, you've been working hard and you're just not going to be as efficient as you normally are today.

It's not your fault, it's science ... or something. In any case, the perfect solution for this kind of feeling is procrastination, which is why I invite you to take a moment and lose yourself in a luxurious fantasy world by checking out this compilation of some of the most expensive condos in Montreal.

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Photo cred - sothebysrealty

Here at MTL Blog we love house porn. But we don't feature much apartment porn, mostly because they don't tend to have many unique features. But I've never seen so much luxury packed into 2,700 square feet. This apartment located on de la Montagne has incredible panoramic views of downtown Montreal which are enhanced by the walls of windows that surround the place.

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