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luxury properties

Looking to get your hands on some prime Montreal luxury real estate? Or do you just wanna peek into the lives of the rich and even richer? Well, this waterfront Laval home for sale has it all — so much that you'll feel like you're on an episode of Selling Sunset. And it will only cost you $3,699,000.

The five bedroom and four and a half bath Sainte-Dorothée home is sprawled across 24,000 square feet of land facing the Prairies River, making it a spot that just about anyone would want to get their hands on.

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The homes you find in and around Montreal are pretty affordable compared to most of the other big cities in Canada. 

And if you thought $10,000,000 got you a lot of house ON the island, you have no idea how much you can buy in Montreal's off-island suburbs like Sainte-Julie. 

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So here's a lesser-known fact about me: one of my (many) life passions is interior design. Legit, anything to do with houses or decor, I go nuts for it.

READ ALSO: This House In Montreal Is A Time Capsule From The 1920s And It Could Be Yours For $10,000,000

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Yesterday I wrote an article about one of Montreal's most expensive pieces of non commercial real estate and people were losing their minds.

So naturally I figured I'd find the second most expensive home on the Sothebys website.

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Montreal has some pretty amazing properties.

But the older more spectacular ones don't often go on sale.

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