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mac demarco

Bonfires and fireside tunes are something we see very rarely in the city, but come the end of July, Montreal will be hosting its very own flaming musical jam when the JanSport Bonfire Sessions come to town. Taking place on the Lachine Canal, Montreal's Bonfire session will be an entirely free evening event with tons of tunes, drinks, and good times.

Two things make up the Jansport Bonfire Session: a gigantic bonfire underneath the stars + local musical artists. Three different acts will grace your ears while you sit by the fire, including the renowned Mac DeMarco. You can also look forward to free drinks (the non-alcoholic variety), s'mores and such to snack on, and a bunch of JanSport swag.

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Let's set the scene for this playlist: you've just arrived to your favorite Montreal terrasse, you're surrounded by some good friends, and you've just ordered your first drink. What better way to really set the mood for your night out on the town than music made right here in Montreal?!

We have such a diverse music culture in the city, and no doubt there is a song for every kind of music lover created right here, in this place we call home. These 10 songs are not only by some great MTL acts; they are 100% feel good tracks to really set the mood for your evening. Terrasse drinking just might be one of our favorite pastimes in Montreal (sangria after work, anyone?!) and we've got the perfect playlist for you; from indie to electro, check out our top picks.

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There are so many bands and musicians that play Montreal every month, it's almost impossible to keep track, let alone see them!  Luckily, we're here to save your ass from missing out on the BEST upcoming concerts for this month with this list of must-see shows for April 2014.

Click here for Montreal's Must-See Shows For April 2014 >

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Since it's first year in 2006, M For Montreal has grown from a small-time weekend festival that highlights our best underground musicians, to a world renown, year-long presentation of showcases throughout the world. You can catch them at Canadian Music Week in Toronto, South by Southwest in Austin, Ice Airwaves in Reykjavik, Iceland, and Festival les Inrocks in Paris (among many others).

Founded by Sebastien Nasra (Avalanche Productions) in collaboration with Martin Elbourne (legendary British festival programmer for Glastonbury, The Great Escape, WOMAD co-founder), M For Montreal is now known to bring MTL and Canadian music to the spotlight all over the world.

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