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maestro svp

I don't know about you guys, but I totally love oysters. They're fresh, fun to eat, and straight-up delicious.

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Ah yes, seafood is the one type of food where you absolutely have to pick the perfect restaurant! Well, luckily for you, Montreal is home to several amazing seafood restaurants that are absolutely insane!

Not only do they serve superb dishes that will actually blow your mind, but they all also have a great ambiance! I can guarantee that you won't only fall in love with all this amazing seafood, but you will also fall in love with restaurants!

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At this stage in the game, I'm pretty sure you all know how much I love seafood. Seriously. I don't necessarily have a favourite "type" of food - if it's amazing, I love it - but seafood comes pretty close. I'll order it any and every chance I get; and no, friends, I don't know why I'm so obsessed with these oceanic delights.

But it doesn't matter why, TBH. All that matters is that I love seafood - and if you're as obsessed with seafood as I am, then I have some awesome news for you. Montreal's seafood restaurant scene? Yeah, it's pretty much amazing. We have tons of awesome places to go get our seafood fix, and I've listed a few for you right here. Read on for Best Montreal Seafood Restaurants 2016.

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When it comes to oysters, most people either absolutely love them or positively hate them. Personally, I'm of the 'love them' mindset and am convinced that everyone who isn't is seriously misguided.

Oysters can be eaten raw, smoked, broiled, baked, or fried (among many other ways) each way just as delicious as the next. In addition to being super healthy for you (they're an excellent source of zinc, iron, calcium, vitamin A and vitamin B12) they're also an aphrodisiac, making them the perfect thing to order on your next date.

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When they're done right, mussels are some of the most delicious seafood out there.

Thankfully, because of Canada's coastlines,

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Shrimp, when done right, is quite arguably one of the best types of seafood out there.

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Eating a balanced and complete diet is important and can be downright difficult at times. Ya'll remember that food pyramid they taught us about in school, laying out the different food groups and the recommended intake for each. It called for lots of grains, plenty of fruits and veggies, daily dose of protein, a little dairy, some "healthy fats". Simple. The food challenges you are about to read in this list completely and utterly disregard all of that. If you consider your body a temple, these challenges are not for you. If not, YOLO and free t-shirts.

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Oysters are, apparently, for everyone. Whether you like a salty East Coast oyster, a sweet West Coast oyster, a creamy, watermelony, Japanese Kumamoto oyster, or a gourmet oyster that tastes like milky grass and finishes with lemon -- the candy of the sea is something gooey you need in your mouth. Montreal is privilidged with proximity to good Oysters in P.E.I, Nova Scotia, and Cape Cod. Plus, due to the miracle of modern preservation and transportation techniques, we get Oysters from all over the globe! Here's some of our favorite places to slurp oysters in Montreal, let us know what we missed!

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First we brought to you the dating profiles of every Montreal man. The women were feeling slightly neglected and left out. Truth is, Montreal women are some of the coolest in the world. Every district rubs off a certain culture onto its female resident. If you're a dude and reading this, take notes, mark down your favorites, fuck, chuck or marry. If you're a lady and reading this, have fun spotting yourself and your friends.

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