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By now you've probably heard of the Insane "Sky Lake" Near Montreal That Looks And Feels Like You’re In Iceland, yup it was located in New Hampshire and it got me thinking... Could Quebec, a province full of mountains and lakes, have sky lake also?

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Montreal is definitely known for it's gorgeous Botanical Gardens, however it seems to have some majestic competition coming from the north-east of Quebec. The Jardins de Métis is DROP. DEAD. GORGEOUS. 

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Canda sure does have amazing places to travel to especially in Quebec but have you ever thought about the U.S?  This place is one hour away from Montreal and is absolutely stunning in the summer but more so in the winter, which is why they opened up winter tours! Yes, I get that now with Trump as president some of you might be like HELL NAH! But this winter canyon is so beautiful that it is worth the risk!

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Canyons are honestly some of the worlds most superb natural gems. Montreal is lucky to be situated near several of the most well known and secret canyons in Canada and the U.S. Not only do these canyons offer spectacular views, but they also offer a variety of activities that everyone can enjoy.

Honestly, taking a last minute summer trip to one of these canyons will most likely make your summer one for the books. I suggest heading to one of the closer canyons and ending your summer with a big bang! The list below composes of the most stunning and breathtaking Canyons that you can find near Montreal.

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