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Calling on all Dawson students! This one goes out to you! It may be summer but school is just around the corner. All my fellow Dawson students can even smell the next semester approaching as they have finalised their schedule for the fall 2016 semester yesterday (sorry to those who have forgot and that I just shocked). Being a second year Dawson Liberal Arts student, I can honestly speak on behalf of everyone and say that Dawson College is unique and has MANY struggles.

I truly believe that every Dawson student can relate to more than half of these struggles that we all face. Don't get me wrong, Dawson College is unbelievable amazing in so many ways but, we all know that sometimes we dread going to school there. We Dawson students are lucky in so many ways to go to a school in the heart of Down Town Montreal but, this also poses many struggles for us. First, I would just like to say that all Dawson students are privileged enough to be getting an education and that I know for a fact most of us recognise this.

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Laval is officially getting a 420 million mega mall which will be named "Espace Montmorency". The project involves creating 10 unique buildings each composed of stores, offices and general use venues.

Built on a 277 000 square-feet lot, the mall will be generating over 3500 jobs in five years.

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Finishing your last exam of the school year is a moment unparalleled by most others. You go through various stages of joy, excitement, and even hysteria, until it hits you: you still haven't found a summer job. If life were a Family Channel show for tweens, this would be the moment where all of your visions of summer fun begin disappearing over your head into a poof of colourful smoke as you fall to your knees and cry out an exasperated "NOOOOOOO" to the sky.

The struggles of finding a summer job, let alone finding one in the West, are very real. With limited options and a high volume of young people applying for all of the same jobs in the same places, the stress of looking for work can sometimes overshadow the joys of being off school. Thankfully for you guys, we've got your back for making this process as smooth and quick as possible. Here's your one-stop-shop for summer jobs around the West Island:

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It's official, the town of Mount Royal just unveiled their plan for a new $1.7 billion mega mall on the corner of highways 15 and 40. The project which was rumoured to be called the "Quinze40" is actually called "ROYALMOUNT" - which is better because now it won't seem like a crappy sequel to the existing Dix30.

Yes! They're finally building something in Montreal that isn't a condo! (a little more about that below)

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Photo cred - Axel Drainville

Developmer Carbonleo, progenitor of Brossard’s Dix30 mall, is currently planning a new mall in the Town of Mont Royal. According to the Gazette, the three-million-square-foot complex (named Quinze40), would be built just southwest of Décarie Boulevard. It’d undoubtedly bring an increase in revenue to the area, perhaps even one big enough to financially justify its $1.6 billion cost.

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