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mani pedis

It's that time of the year when you realise that you are broke from spending money on gifts for everyone but yourself. I feel you guys first hand so I decided to help us all out by composing a list of fancy things you can treat yourselves to without breaking the bank!

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Since you and your BFF are probably working your asses off this summer trying to make as much cash as possible, I'm sure you need some down time... I know I do. Yes it's nice to do somethings alone, but let's be honest it's always better when you do it with your BFF.Summer is all about relaxing so take a day off and have you and your BFF treat yourselves to the ultimate chill day.

It's time to sit back, relax, and have some deep convos with your BFF as you treat yourselves for under 50$. There's no point in spending hundreds of dollars on yourself when Montreal has so many great ways to treat yourself for fairly cheap. So don't spend all your hard earned money and instead enjoy your BFF and your down time.

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Okay, so everyone in Montreal usually goes out for their birthday at either a night club on Boulevard St.Laurent or in Old Montreal. Well, why not be different and do something even crazier for your birthday!

Montreal does have a great night life but they also have a variety of amazing activities that you and your friends should do to celebrate your birthdays. So break away from spending hundreds of dollars on bottle service every week for someone's birthday and try something new!

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The Typical Bachelorette weekend involves well... we all know... Dicks. But common girls, let's try to keep it classy and not trashy. I was inspired to write this article when I found out that my cousin from New York was doing her bachelorette weekend here in Montreal. My two aunts are also coming and we wanted to keep it classy. I mean like how awkward is it to see a bunch of dicks with your 40 plus year old aunts.

Since it's wedding season, enjoy Montreal in a classy way with wine and champaign instead of dicks and shots. I guarantee that this list of events won't disappoint. They may seem unconventional but they are for sure a good time.

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