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Leger pollsters woke up one day this summer and chose chaos. In an August 19 to 21 online survey, produced in collaboration with Postmedia, the analytics company asked 1,516 Canadians about their favourite and least favourite provinces and territories (besides their own).

The results might be surprising to some.

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People's Party of Canada (PPC) Leader Maxime Bernier was arrested after making an appearance at a 'freedom rally' in Manitoba on June 11 for allegedly violating public health rules.

According to a PPC press release, he then spent eight hours in jail before being released on the night of June 11 after paying  $1,000 cash bail.

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Canada sure seems more beautiful than ever this year! Not only is it making us Canadians look and feel fabulous, but it's also making us want to travel across our own country more than ever! So, I decided to compose a list of a variety of places to visit in Canada each month of the year!

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Canada isn't just the second largest country in the world, it's also the most stunning place in the world! The main reason being that all ten provinces and three territories share stunning natural wonders.

Some provinces are actually considered more beautiful than others, so I've decided to rank them based on my own personal experiences and opinions. Feel free to comment your ranking down below!

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We stumbled on a website today ( which is reporting that Conservative supporters of the former Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper, have raised the issue of calling for an independent "Republic of Western Canada". It would encompass Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta & British Columbia. the decision was made after Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party came to power on Monday October 19, 2015.

They also elaborate that the Conservative Party, which was able to win 99 seats out of a possible 338 in Canada's House of Commons compared to the Liberal Party's 184 seats, actually competed strongly in the Western Provinces where they gathered up 54 of 100 seats in the area.

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In Montreal, the average price of a standard pint of beer at a pub is approximately $6.50. Some consider it to be expensive while others care little about splurging on 7 pints a night. So we wondered, how do tourists, from around the country feel about the prices of beer at our bars. More specifically, we looked at how many beers (at a price of $6.50) each province could afford, based on one hour of minimum wage paid work.

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