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Certain real estate properties simply scream "I'm rich" — and the "Versace manor" for sale in Montreal does exactly that.

They say the devil is in the details, so this place must be Satan's favourite because the detailing goes above and beyond. This listing features the famous Versace Medusa head in some extravagant ways — see if you can spot them all.

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Some people just know how to live better than the rest of us. Of course, having a spare $12,000,000 to spend on your house definitely makes things easier, especially when trying to afford nice things, like this insanely huge Ile-des-Soeurs mansion listed on Sotheby's Realty, for example.

It's so big, it actually occupies 2 property lots. The expansive property includes 20-foot ceilings, stone fireplaces, 7 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, a professional kitchen, an indoor pool, a sauna, a fucking elevator, private gym, pool room, an outdoor spa, and for some reason a Barbie-style office featuring a massive doll collection, (though I suspect they are probably not included).

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Photo cred - mypaint

It's time to forget all about house porn because castle porn is the only thing that matters right now. Let's start by putting things into perspective, this house costs $25,000,000. Do you have any idea what 25 million dollars will buy in Montreal? Now consider that this place is Magog, so you'll need to double your expectations.

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Photo cred - luxuryestate

Okay so we've done a lot of house porn in the past but never have we seen so much luxury in one place. This house redefines the word "fancy" with the exorbitant amount of splendor present in every room. The 4 floor smart-home located on Ile-Bizard has 6 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms plus all the typical luxuries you'd expect to find in such a house: professional kitchen, media center, pool, fireplace and a large back yard.

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Photo cred - MyPaint

If you're not planning on being a millionaire then you should probably turn away right now because after seeing this house your apartment is going to seem a lot smaller. This gorgeous property listed on MyPaint is located on Jean-Girard street, and if you're not sure where that is, don't feel bad you've probably never been there because it's a private street in Ville Marie. That's right, when you buy this house you get your very own street.

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