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If you love hockey at all, then the chances that you also love Carey Price are super, super high. 

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There's an old song that goes: "If I had a million dollars, I would buy you a house" 

Unfortunately these days a million dollars will barely get you a 1 bedroom apartment in Toronto.  

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For many, building or living in a mansion is a life goal/dream, one that may never become a reality. But some Montrealers achieved that aspiration, creating the home of their fantasies within the city.

From hundreds of years ago up to now, mansions are being built in Montreal, with many holding some serious historical significance both for the city and Canada's architectural heritage.

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While most of us are squabbling over how much our groceries cost us this week, and making the tough decision of whether to spend our paychecks on wine or rent, there are handful of people out there who pay more on their property tax than most of us make in an entire year.

You can't deny how fun it is to see how the rich actually live. Houses so big and so fancy you wonder how many kidneys you'd have to sell to even rent out one of the closets for the night. People who say money can't buy happiness obviously didn't have their own private, indoor skating rink in their basement!

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