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marijuana legalization

Another day, another recall. Health Canada flagged and recalled a cannabis product on April 8 due to incorrect packaging label concerning an Emblem CBD product.

The affected product currently being recalled is the Emblem Cannabis CBD 100 Cannabis Extract (30mL).

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Small towns in Canada don’t have it easy right now. Many of the industries that traditionally supported the economies of Canada’s small towns (forestry, farming) are no longer as viable, making it hard to find permanent work for many small-town residents. 

Enter the marijuana industry, the saving grace of small towns across the country.

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Pot smokers and non smokers alike will agree that the current system of marijuana prohibition simply doesn't work.

It doesn't stop people from smoking, it wastes a monumental amount of resources, it makes criminals rich and it stops marijuana from being properly regulated.

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On April 20th, The health minister announced in front of the UN  that he plans on legalizing marijuana in Canada.

And Canadians may be voting on this issue sooner than expected.

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