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Guys, Montreal is awesome. We're definitely super lucky to be living in such a diverse, fun, and safe city - and honestly, for me personally, there's nowhere else on this earth I'd rather call home.

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Anyone who went or still goes to Dawson College knows that it is truly one of a kind. There may be some struggles we all face as students, and all those negatives do sometimes trump over the positives. Plus, it's pretty damn funny to laugh at all the Dawson problems we experience on the daily. From the broken escalator to the My Dawson College Instagrams, one can really say that we have a lot to laugh about as our R-scores go to shit! So, I have compiled this article to share with you all the #dawsonproblems!

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Every once in a little while, Facebook rewards you with something so incredibly true to life that you just have to sit in stunned silence for a minute, absorbing all the pure truths.

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Montreal is a unique city with unique problems. To cope with these problems we have 2 choices, we can either laugh about it or we can cry about it. It only took a few seconds to realize that the second option sucks and so we made a bunch of memes instead. We also encourage you to make your own Montreal themed memes and email them to Jeremy at