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Okay, picture this. You're fresh off an all-nighter. You're tired. You're hungry. But it's like, 3 A.M. and there can't possibly be anything open at this time, right? Wrong, my friends. So, so wrong. Lucky for you, Montreal is home to tons of delicious restaurants - some of which are actually opened 24/7. Don't believe me? Well, read on for the Best Montreal 24-Hour Restaurants In 2015

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Let's face it folks, winter is coming, quickly, and once the cold weather arrives, it isn't going nowhere for more than a few months, which can seem like a never-ending period of cold with no glimmer of hope or heat.

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Breaking news Montreal: Justin Bieber has been arrested for a DUI and drag racing. Yeah, you may not care about the Bibes too much (which I applaud you for) but it looks like the little punk has struck again.

Early this morning Bieber was busted in Miami for driving drunk in a residential a Lamborghini, with a model in the passenger seat! Another two strikes Bieber: don't fuck with Lambos and the safety of women.

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Montreal surprisingly has great presence here in Miami this year. Art Basel has spread across Miami, from the downtown area to the sunny beaches of South Beach, but Wynwood Miami is definitely the mega-center of this huge outdoor art festival. Literally every square inch is being painted or creatively covered.

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