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monkland village

Montreal is home to some crazy dessert bars that have either been around for a while or just opening up. But they all have one thing in common: they offer some insanely delicious desserts!

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Little known fact about me: Montreal's Notre-Dame-De-Grace, or NDG, is actually one of my absolute favourite boroughs. 

The next time I move, I'm honestly aiming to move there. What's there not to love about it, TBH? 

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Guys, summer's almost over. I know, it's sad to say, and even more sad to think about... but it's the truth. If you're feeling a bit down about that fact, though, no worries. It wouldn't be Montreal if we didn't cap the summer off with one massive party.

And Montreal's NDG is doing just that, with their Flavours Of Monkland festival. This free, outdoor festival will take up 7 blocks in the Monkland Village and highlight the best restaurants, artists, merchants, and bars that NDG has to offer.

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Photo cred- PhotoVoltaic

The joys of outdoor street festivals may be gone from downtown Montreal, but not in NDG's Monkland Village. Gearing up for a 200, 000 person outdoor party all about food and music, Monkland Village will be hostingThe Flavours Of The Monkland Village this weekend, perhaps your last chance to enjoy a summer street festival.

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Photo cred - Jean-Michael Seminaro photographe for Village Éphémère

Summer in the city is packed with all kinds of things to do. Montreal offers you just a bunch of FREE activities.  Montrealers the end of the summer is coming and we all know how angry our bank account is with us. Even if we're broke, Montreal still allows us to have a lot of fun. See our list of 40 Free Things to do this august 2014 in Montreal.

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Photo cred - Jean-Michael Seminaro photographe

No one will be bored in July because this month is jam-packed with events of all sorts. Films, parties, and many a festival are all going down in July, so many that this list could have easily been 100+, but we weeded out the weak-sauce stuff and are giving you a synthesized version of all the awesome stuff to check out during the month.

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Photo cred - Quan Nguyen

Summer has kicked into high gear, and sidewalk sales in Montreal will still be out in full force. July will give you plenty of opportunities to get some sun while you shop,  eat, and chill in the streets of the city, and so you know where to go, we've compiled all of the month's sidewalk sales below.

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Photo cred - Chaudbaby

Grand Prix is taking over our beautiful island and it only means one thing; party, party, party and more party! There's the MTL Award with an awesome after party hosted by us and you totally have to be there. Besides our awesome party, here are the hottest spots this week end;

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Monkland Village is truly Montreal’s hidden gem, and fastest up-and-coming district and it should be your Grand Prix destination this year. Why you ask- Isn't the place to go downtown?

Well simply put, if you love to spend your Montreal summers outside in the beautiful weather and surrounded by awesome people, while enjoying fantastic food and exciting entertainment, you will want to join the quarter MILLION people anticipated at the Monkland Village Grand Prix Festival 2014.

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